What make us different from the other organizations dealing with the poor families?

- We practice holistic approach to support mostly Roma (Gipsy) population in Serbia, which means than we support the whole family, although we are focused on the most vulnerable in that vulnerable population – Roma children and Roma women;

- We have stable, long term cooperation between NGO sector and state educational institutions, as well as with the Roma nongovernmental organizations;

- We have excellent experts support: our members and founders cover different aspects of the problems we are dealing with (we was involved in creation of  The Decade Monitoring Framework for Serbia for the Decade of Roma Inclusion)

- We are committed to the institutional solution of problems of Roma in Serbia. We are committed to equality for ALL people.

- Although we support children in formal educational system, we practice continually, for many years, non formal education of young people, with special emphasizes on nondiscrimination and social inclusion using Theater of the Oppressed method;

- From the very start we are dealing with young people from disadvantage neighborhoods, working on improving Access to Social Rights promoting participation and dialogue between young people and institutions in local community.
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