2014. Youth for Youth - mentorship program for Roma High School and College students. 21 Roma students are provided with higly motivated and skilled mentors in goal to get  support outside of their close proximity, support in current education as well as help in continuing education and support in broadening social and cultural capital.

2013./2014. -Belgrade NOVA Platform - - Strengthening Cooperation of Institutions and CSO-s in Belgrade to Support.  Inclusive Education for Roma. Agenda is a partner organization to DTI together with City Government. Project include next activities area: networking,  tutorial support in learning; seminars for mothers; seminars for teachers, seminars for fathers, seminars for journalists, research, documentary movie, and recommendation to City Government for future action. Project is financed by European Commission , program EIDHR. Project is based on AGENDA program IN FOCUS - Roma family done in Rusanj Settlement, Deponija Settlement and now in 5 Settlements in Belgrade: Makis 1, Makis 2, Kijevo, Resnik and Kamendin.

-2013. ‘’Youth media in every school in Palilula Municipality’’ supported by Telenor Foundation, SDC – Swiss Agency for Development and cooperation, Belgrade and Municipality Palilula. The aim of project is providing access to information by and for young people in all 23 schools in Palilula Municipality addressing the information related to young – human rights, social rights, possibilities to volunteer and visibility of activities done by young.

• 2012/2014 “The Theater of Life”, accredited seminar for professional development of the educators, supported by Ministry of Education, Republic of Serbia using Theater of the oppressed as a method.
From 2006 to present, using same technique, AGENDA done workshops with more than 2800 students and teachers.

• 2011. /2012. Agreement of Cooperation with Faculty for Social Science about allocation students of 4th Grade to do regular practice in Agenda program ‘’Supporting Roma family for schooling children’’ which is last part in contribution to The European Social Charter ­Providing access to free primary and secondary education­ and achieving the Millennium Goal ­ Ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling, through institutional and organizational cooperation; 

• 2012. ’Let’s play for equality’’, supported by Council of Europe . We use the same technique to combat with gender based discrimination in Elementary School for adults ‘’Braca Stamenkovic’’, where most of pupils are Roma from unhygienic settlements especially Deponija.

• 2011. ‘’Let’s together”, supported by City Government Department for Education. Project provided access to social rights – non discrimination ­ for young people from disadvantage neighborhoods. Project included all pupils in Elementary school “Jovan Cvijić”
(near biggest unhygienic Roma Settlement Deponija in Belgrade) with aim to provide better relationships among pupils in class, addressing discrimination as issue, as contribution to decreasing level of drop out of Roma student. We use Theatre of the oppressed as technique;

• 2010. ’’Support in learning and seminars about family for Roma women in Rusanj and Makish Settlement’’, supported by City Government Department for Social Welfare. The project was aimed to residents who are dislocated from unhygienic Gazela Settlement, for their better adaptation on new life facilities.

2007. • Our organization worked on project “Census of Persons, Households, and Objects in Unsanitary Settlement under the Gazela Bridge”. We were engaged by Belgrade’s city government, Secretary for social and children’s protection. It is the settlement with poor Roma population, living in very bad conditions under the bridge, which have to be displaced because of the bridge reconstruction.

2006. - 2008. IN FOCUS – ROMA SETTLEMENT RUSANJ . We create sustainable supporting network to help Roma children to finish elementary and enter high school in disadvantage and discouraging neighbourhood in settlement Rusanj, which is on the edge of the city. Research available on request.

.......and many more :)

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